Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

Elementary School Students Build Confidence Through Language Mastery

NEXT STOP JUNIOR HIGH: Students of the Taman Rama Elementary School, Ubung, Denpasar, hold their certificates after their graduation Tuesday. Twenty-one students graduated from the school, which applies an international-standard curriculum in its teaching and learning activities. (JP/Dicky Christanto)

Students of an international school here are discovering that learning English in day-to-day classes is boosting their confidence in their social lives.

I would like to thank all teachers that have familiarized us in using the English language. I find it to be very useful now, Luh Made Sri Lestari Kariana, a student at Taman Rama Elementary School, told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.

As a result, I also manage to have new friends from different nationalities, Luh said.

She acknowledged that her friendship with foreign students had enabled her to broaden her perspectives and encouraged her to meet more new people in the future.

I will continue my junior high in Australia starting next month and hopefully be excited to meet and make new friends there, she said.

Ronald Ruslan, another student, said the school's international environment was the main reason he initially enrolled in the school.

Maybe I would know few English words after all but I think I would hardly speak any English sentences if I decided not to study here in the first place, Ronald said.

Kariana and Ruslan were among 21 students who graduated from the elementary school Tuesday.

Most students said they would continue their education at Taman Rama Elementary School as they were comfortable with the school's chosen curriculum and the day-to-day use of the English language.

Sani, one of the student's parents, acknowledged she had enrolled her children at the school because of the international environment the school offered.

As a parent, of course I want my children to experience more supportive learning environments so they can face a brighter future later on, Sani said.

Taman Rama School adopts the Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP) that is designed for children aged 5-11. Not only is every subject taught in English as part of the program, but the teacher is trained to introduce the usage of the English language in daily activities.

Actually the main target from all courses is to prepare the students so that he or she will be able to continue schooling abroad, Michael MC Brien, the school's CIPP operational director, said.

He said this target had already been met with most students continuing their schooling abroad.

More than 95 percent of our students here have managed to go to universities abroad with Malaysia, Singapore and Australia as their favorites, he said.

Source: http://beritapendidikan.com/mod.php?mod=publisher&op=viewarticle&cid=14&artid=878

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