Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

Schema Harddisk: Modifying and 'destroy' your hard drive

Starting from the fad ...
Inspired by "Acrylic Computer Casing" are more popular some time ago, we tried to make "disk acrilic casing" ;-)

Step1: Prepare the victim for the execution!

Step2: Peering inside (looking spindle motor, head, flatter, etc.).

Step3: Measure Acrilik

Step4: Cut fit exactly like the cover

Step5: Cihuiiy, ready to come up with new faces

Additional light can be led to continued violence wires on the fan disk, but still do not know through which? Any suggestions??

The second phase, another fad ...
I wish to empower the broken hard drive into the speakers, er even confused then became lazy to do it :-)
Just info, hard drive recovery
has been attempted to save the data, but did not succeed.

Step1: Remove the harrdisk external 2.5 "from the casing
Step2: It was seen from the back of harddisk, accidental external disk is actually a notebook that still harddsik tech ide/ata not sata
Step3: Open the cover casing
Step4: It was from a different side
Step5: For many of the removed
Step6: Some files on corrupted harddisk happens, look here part of the head, there is a crooked
Step7: crookedness success led to no recovery processing using the software.
Step8: Arm of the Head, which is a coil of copper wire.
Step9: This is the stabilizer in the Arm movement-Head (Head activator) in human kialau called "Extra pyramidal"
Step10: This Flate / disk as storage media, like CD / DVD, made from aluminum type materials, but can store data up to Giga - Terra capacity, tens / hundreds / thousands of times the capacity of a CD / DVD, there seems my fingerprints, because surface is sensitive to oil, and stains.
Step11: When I menerawangnya, translucent layer of the sun, too. Thin shape, rather than playing capacity, termed, small chili.
Step12: And this is the source drive from the Head, and this also makes me confused, need to connect the cord where, in order to become speaker, because its shape is different from an external HDD 3.5 " more ....
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wah bagus artikelnya, salam kenal buat teman2 semua, Jangan lupa, kalau ada waktu jalan-jalan sebentar ke blog Bujang Riau http://www.darma-saputra.co.cc. mari kita belajar berbisnis Ikan, terimakasih ...

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